My basic Lunchbox

Now, let me introduce you my basic lunchbox.
I wonder how long I’ve been eating this.
The red rice is restored power brown rice.

What’s inside the side container is a vegetable Tsukudani (cooked in soy sauce) made of green pepper and eggplant.
We harvest large amount of summer vegetables, therefore, to conserve these vegetables, I invented this spicy Tsukudani for grownups.
Power rice consists of multigrain rice such as homegrown naturally cultivated rice (resuscitated natural cultivation with EM advanced technology), black beans, black rice, glutinous millet, Amaranthus, barley, buckwheat rice, and many more. This is cooked in Kamado-san rice cooker by Nagatani-en with double the amount of water. Brown rice is pounded for 1-2min and I reincorporate the rice bran that comes out: this is my original restored brown rice.

Then I sprinkle some Koji Natto (I highly recommend!), wrap it with EM grown seaweed, and my basic lunchbox is complete.
It’s fun to cook and it’s fun to eat. AND it’s beyond delicious.
To eat when you want, what you want, and as much as you want. I cultivate my taste buds* and my body sensor in order to do so.
The taste buds and sensor to feel the appetite and savour the flavours are distorted in the people of modern society. True nutrition is simply delicious.
The lunchbox is inspired by Kenji Miyazawa’s “4 cups of rice, miso, and a small amount of vegetables per day”
This makes my body as a Garden guardian.

On a side note, this is what it looks like as a rice ball.

*Taste Buds
Taste buds are small organs on the tongue and the soft palate that perceive taste of food. Human tongue has approximately 10,000 taste buds.



The Sun, the Moon, and this Earth
People, You, and your loved ones

All belong to this universe

The vast Ocean, and our possibilities
They all belong to this Universe

To this great Universe

6x10 squared 23
The universe carries infinite stones

The Universe surrounds us all

Without difficulty, and Nonchalantly

What inconvenience does it cause to call this God

Even this Rainy Sky belongs to the Universe



The power that lifts the sky

The power that floats the earth
The power that transforms fresh to deep greenery
It’s all part of the enormous power
I exist naturally
You exist naturally
Where did I come from
Where did you come from
Where am I heading

Where are you heading
The secret lies in the stone

The secret stays with the stone

May showers cross the Garden of Universe


Taste of Spring

Picking the wild grass and flowers

Enjoying and appreciating the blessing of Nature

Camelia and wild grass Tempura
Butterbur Miso
Narrow leaved vetch Ohitashi


Nice to meet you

We’ve entered April
The mountains are covered with cherry blossoms

Secret stone swings with the Spring breeze
Putting on a smile
More than usual

Stones transform stillness to energy
Yet in fact, erupts significant response of the Spring lives
The sound so astound is not audible
The great phenomenon manifested has no shape nor form

We look forward to welcoming you to the garden