Standing in the Tenku no Niwa, you are the shining star.

What does Tenku (sky) mean.. It signifies the grand universe.

“Tenku no Niwa” is a “Garden of Universe”

Each one of us are an universe composed of planets.

If human souls are lifted into higher space,

It will go beyond borders, Ethnicities, beliefs, and religions,

Bringing forth manifestation of True Peace.

With this wish in mind, “Tenku no Niwa” was created.

We look forward to welcoming you from the bottom of my heart.

Founder Takahiko Goto

Artist Profile

Masatoshi Izumi



Born in Kagawa prefecture

In 1964, he meets sculptor Isamu Noguchi

For 25years, he collaborated on stone carving, creating works such as Sogetsu Hall entrance “Tengoku (Heaven)”.

He also collaborated with architects for Canadian Embassy, New National Theatre Tokyo, Kyoto State Guest House, etc.

Outdoor sculpture “Interia/Exertion” at National Palace Museum, Taiwan.

Permanent Exhibition “Toritachi (The Birds)” at Art Institute of Chicago.

Outdoor sculpture “Mei (Sun and Moon)” at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya etc.

Solo exhibition in Sapporo, Iwate, San Francisco, New York, etc.

Landscaped “Tenku no Niwa” in 2012.